Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel!!

Today is Daniel's birthday!! He is 32, or twenty-twelve, as he would say! We had a BBQ for him on Sunday and he got spoiled! All of our family came and we had good food and lots of fun!

I did find it a little funny that more than one of his birthday cards referenced beer--but hey, they know him well right? Just kidding ya, babe!

Anyway, I wanted to tell my wonderful husband Happy Birthday! You have no idea how much you are appreciated and much we all love you! What would the boys do without such a great daddy and what would I do without my best friend? Love You!!

Oh yeah, and could you make sure you mow the lawn tonight, thanks!

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mom said...

Daniel, Just wanted to tell you 'Happy Birthday'. I can"t believe you are 32! It doesn"t seem that long ago that I was in Spain with a brand new baby boy!!! Have a good day.....Love Ya..Mom