Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chrissy's First Half Marathon!!

Today I ran my first half marathon!! I thought I would be nervous, but this week I realized that I was ready. I wasn't looking for a record-breaking time...I knew I could finish and I wouldn't be fast--but my main goal was to finish and to feel good at the end. While I was training, I had good runs and bad runs. I'm sure this is typical of anyone training for an endurance race...but I had several weeks where I had hip issues and other days where my long runs made me sick. Because of that, I was very nervous about how I would feel when I finished the half. About two weeks before the race I wasn't even sure if I would be able to run it. But the week leading up to the race I really concentrated on eating right and keeping myself hydrated.

This morning I woke up at 5:30am, had breakfast and got dressed. I left with enough time to get to the starting line about 45 minutes before the gun went off. This race was unique to me, in that I had trained with a group--Boise Run Walk!! We had met every Saturday for our long runs, we also had seminars on pace, stride, nutrition, etc... Therefore, at the starting line I was able to meet up with people who had gone through the same training and had similar goals. I even got an extra round of applause because this was my first half. In my other races I was basically telling Daniel to meet me at the end at this approximate time. To be fair, Dano never missed a finish...he was always there, cheering me on near the finish line and ready to meet me at the end. It didn't matter that it meant he had to get up early on a Saturday and get the kids ready by himself--he wasn't missing my finish. Today was not an exception. The half marathon ended at the Boise Hawks Stadium, but that wasn't enough for him, he wanted to be there near the end to cheer me on to the finish. I had only about 500 meters to go when I rounded the corner and saw my wonderful husband and my baby cheering me on! I had strangers clapping for me at the finish--but it was the two of them that said "Keep goin' Babe, you're almost there!", that made it worth while to finish.

At the end, I got a medal from the organizers, but I got a bouquet of flowers and a kiss from Daniel and Gaby. To be honest--those flowers and that kiss was worth more to me than a first place medal ever could have been.

This is an accomplishment that I honestly never felt I would ever achieve. When I started running I always thought "That would be great if I could finish a half." But I knew it was always easier said than done. Somehow, somewhere, I crossed that threshold between maybe and I will. I can't tell you where it was...all I can tell you is that I passed it...and I finished my half. Maybe not as fast as some or as strong as some...but I did. And that finish is for me, only me, and it is mine. I finished a half marathon. YAY!!!!


Melinda said...

Wow! Reading this gave me chills! I am so glad you are married to such a sweet guy! And I can totally empathize/sympathize - whatever-athize - with your feelings! Way to go, Chrissy! You'll have to fill me in on all the things they told you in your training, cuz I am going to do this! It's basically my recover from pregnancy and feel like I have control over my body again plan of attack! Thanks for being my inspiration today. When I reach that point, I'll come back and read your blog to not lose sight of what I really want to feel!

emily said...

Chrissy, I have the chills right now. I am so proud of you! YOU DID IT!! You are amazing. I love it that you put your mind to and you did it. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope your hip is OK. Keep it up. Up next: MARATHON BABY!!! I miss ya. We need to get together soon. Em

clarissaraefoster-warth said...

Chrissy- I am proud of you. What an accomplishment. You are an inspiration & a great mentor for some one to look up too. Thank you for a wonderful friendship.