Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!!

I know--it's cold, it's snowing, you're tired of scraping your windshield every morning. But, take heart in hearing the four greatest words in the English language: "Pitchers and catchers report!" Yes, in just 17 days, 14 hours, and 47 minutes Spring Training begins. Hang in there, everybody; winter is almost over!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

CJ Lost His First Tooth!!

It finally happened! CJ has been waiting and waiting to have a loose tooth. He first realized he had one on Monday. Then he wiggled and wiggled! By Thursday it was ready to come out. Mom helped and it went quick and easy. CJ was tough, and it paid off. The next morning the tooth fairy had left him $2!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Equals Family Time

We had a lot of fun with all of the boys this weekend! Friday night we did a swap with the nephews! CJ stayed at Grandma and Papa Dickson's with Dylan and Braiden came to sleep at our house with Caleb. Friday night we had a little sleep over of our own because Ali and Juan came over to have dinner and play poker. We had fish tacos (Daniel's specialty) and Chrissy took first in our little poker tournament. Juan and Ali spent the night because it was the smart thing to do and we stayed up too late and had tons of fun!
On Saturday Chrissy went out for dinner with the girls, so Daniel stayed at home with the kids. They had a lot of fun playing Uno and Dominos.
Sunday Daniel took CJ and Caleb to Pizza Hut to use their free pizza certificates they got for reading at school. While they were out they bought a chinese checkers game so we had to try it out when they got home!
It was a fun weekend that wasn't too busy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kickin' Hiney

Today I ran 2 miles faster than I ever have before! In fact, I ran at my fastest pace ever!
2 miles-19:23----that's 9:39 min/mile! This beat my race time for the Barber to Boise 5K which was about 9:50 min/mile.
Just had to share! I'm pretty excited!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

snow fun

This is a cute way to keep in touch. Hope it works. We are just trying to survive all this snow, 22" in one day. The kids love to play in it, but not shoveling it. Andrew showed Trinidee how to slide down the stairs in the snow and now it has been turned into quite a ride. Jacob went with the scouts and slept in a snow cave.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gabriel! Super Cutie!

You're welcome, Daniel. You know I like to stay on the cutting edge!

Anywho--we had a great day today with Gabriel! He is definitely feeling better and started the morning by sticking his head in the Lego box and giggling! Daniel and I were soon giggling also! After a good afternoon nap he climbed onto the coffee table, yes, the coffee table and tried to settle in to watch the football game. Fortunately, Mommy was there to pull him off (after snapping some pictures!) and set him on the couch with Daddy! After that he played with his ball popper and cracked us up some more with his adorable giggles!

A blog?


This is a really coooool blog. Hopefully, it will give everyone a chance to stay connected--and it's so twentyfirst century. Thanks for doing this.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sick Boys

Daniel and Gabriel have both been sick this week. Daniel has flu-like symptoms and Gabe has a double ear infection. His first ear infection and it is in both ears! He is on medicine and of course, is eating well, so he is getting better. Daniel is recovering as well and will going back to work tomorrow. I get to stay home with my sick baby and hopefully he will continue to get better and we will have a good day. Gabe always seems to stay happy, no matter what is going on, so any day spent at home with him is a good day!

Trying to get the hang of this

I figured out how to put a photo on the profile, so I'm going to try to put up some Christmas pictures with this post. We spent the night at my (Chrissy's) parent's house. It was crazy, hectic and loud! Then we had Christmas dinner at Mom & Dad Mercado's house. It was delicious and quiet and I didn't have to cook a thing! (Thanks Mom!) All three of the boys were super spoiled and Daniel and I were exhausted, so it was a good Christmas! We hope everyone else had a great Christmas too!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Mercado Family Blog!

Well folks, since not everyone has a myspace account (or logs on very often), I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog! I just thought this would be a fun way to keep everyone posted and share news and pictures!