Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day at Grandpa & Grandma Mercado's

We spent Father's Day in Mountain Home with Mom, Dad, Jon, and Victoria. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on Dad's new grill but spent most of the day out on the deck watching Gabe play. He kicked the soccer ball around and we all tossed it back and forth. He also had fun filling his pool up, catching the little plastic fish, and splashing his feet in the water with Aunt Victoria but for some reason refused to sit down in the water. He loves his bath so I don't know why he didn't get excited. We even added a little hot tub water so it wasn't so cold but he still didn't want to sit.

For Father's Day Daniel got to open his set of Red Sox figurines that he had picked out a month ago but I had made him put in the closet so I could wrap it. Dad opened the new Bocce Ball set we bought for him to replace the set that I somehow chip every time we play! Jon and Victoria got Dad a new Wii game and by popular (secret) voting this was chosen for us to play instead of the new Bocce game. Yeah, it was a nice day outside but we're a bunch of lame-os and wanted to stay in the house to play Wii!!


Last weekend at our BBQ, Daniel and some of the other guys there got started talking about fishing. It didn't take too long before Daniel and Juan had our first fishing trip of the season all planned out.

We decided to go to CJ Strike Reservior on Saturday. We invited my parents, Rob and Tina, and Jon and Victoria. Unfortunately, Victoria had to work so Jon had to go on his own ( I think Victoria may have secretly been relieved). We all drove up there and the guys started getting there poles together while us girls laid our blanket down, got out all of our books and magazines and decided which angle of the sun would be best for our tan.

It was sunny and warm and there was a nice breeze. We had all found babysitters so it was nice and quiet. That was the strangest part. It was unusual for us all to be able to sit down without having to worry about where the kids were, what they were doing, and who was tormenting whom. It was great!

Daniel caught a small mouth bass that was pretty big! It weighed 3 lbs. and was 17 inches long. His was the first and biggest catch of the day! The other guys caught a fish or two, not all of them were big enough to keep but I don't think that was really the point. I'm sure they all just enjoyed being out there.

We had a nice time and talked about bringing the camper and tents one weekend for an easy camping trip. It would be a fun and easy place to go. Heck, we might even take the kids!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My First 10-Miler!

This morning I ran my first ten mile run!! I ran with Boise Run Walk, the group I joined in April to train for my first half marathon. We usually run along the greenbelt and today the weather was sunny and cool and it was beautiful!!
I was really excited for this run, my previous longest distance was 7 miles. The running group increases our long run by one mile each week but I had missed the last two weeks due to a hip injury. I was starting to get nervous that I wouldn't be ready for the half so I decided that today's run would determine whether I could continue training for the half or if I needed to settle for the 10K. I figured if I can run 10 today then I can be ready for 13.1 on July 12th. And I DID IT!!
It was tough but I am sure after a few more weeks I will definitely be ready. It took me 1 hour and 57 minutes and my average pace was about 11 and a half minutes per mile. I got all of this information off of my Nike plus before it malfunctioned and erased MY FIRST TEN MILE RUN! I don't know how it happened but it wouldn't transfer the info the At first my history still showed that my longest run is 10.10 miles but then of course I had to mess with it and after I was done it had deleted it completely. I am so mad!!! I also broke 150 miles after this run, but my stats don't show it, so my totals will always be behind 10 miles! Oh Well!! What can you do, right? I'll just keep telling myself that instead of stomping on my ipod!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Daniel and I got together with Juan and Ali this past weekend and hosted a big BBQ! The weather cooperated and we had sunshine!! It could have been a little warmer but I really can't complain! There was lots of food and friends and we all had a good time! Daniel and Juan even did the dishes afterward!!!

I'm so glad the weather is starting to warm up. We are really looking forward to getting together with more family and friends this summer!

My Flowers!

As I have mentioned before, Daniel and I have been replacing the landscaping in our front yard. We planted several new plants a few weeks ago and I planted two peony bushes. I was so excited. Patti has a huge peony bush in her back yard and the flowers are so beautiful so I couldn't wait to have some of my own. Last week one of the flowers bloomed! It is so pretty! I had to take pictures!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Caleb Graduated from Kindergarten

Caleb's Kindergarten Graduation was on Friday. The kids all sang a couple of songs and got little diplomas! It was pretty cute. Afterward everyone had a pizza picnic on the playground. I'm excited for Caleb to start first grade, needless to say Caleb is excited for summer!!

T-Ball Season is Over!

CJ had his last t-ball game last Friday so Wednesday the whole team met at Dairy Queen to recieve their trophies. We took over almost the entire restaurant! The kids all had a lot of fun and the players all recieved bobble head trophies!

We had a lot of fun watching CJ play in his games. It would have been nice if the weather would have cooperated a little more often! I'm sure CJ will play again next year! He gets so excited to play baseball (or any other sport)!