Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day at Grandpa & Grandma Mercado's

We spent Father's Day in Mountain Home with Mom, Dad, Jon, and Victoria. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on Dad's new grill but spent most of the day out on the deck watching Gabe play. He kicked the soccer ball around and we all tossed it back and forth. He also had fun filling his pool up, catching the little plastic fish, and splashing his feet in the water with Aunt Victoria but for some reason refused to sit down in the water. He loves his bath so I don't know why he didn't get excited. We even added a little hot tub water so it wasn't so cold but he still didn't want to sit.

For Father's Day Daniel got to open his set of Red Sox figurines that he had picked out a month ago but I had made him put in the closet so I could wrap it. Dad opened the new Bocce Ball set we bought for him to replace the set that I somehow chip every time we play! Jon and Victoria got Dad a new Wii game and by popular (secret) voting this was chosen for us to play instead of the new Bocce game. Yeah, it was a nice day outside but we're a bunch of lame-os and wanted to stay in the house to play Wii!!

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mom said...

Chrissy......good pictures. We really took some cute ones too. Anyway we had a great day. I didn"t want anyone to leave. We had such agood time with Gabe on Satyrday and Sunday. Hope we can all get together again soon....LoveYa, Mom