Monday, June 16, 2008


Last weekend at our BBQ, Daniel and some of the other guys there got started talking about fishing. It didn't take too long before Daniel and Juan had our first fishing trip of the season all planned out.

We decided to go to CJ Strike Reservior on Saturday. We invited my parents, Rob and Tina, and Jon and Victoria. Unfortunately, Victoria had to work so Jon had to go on his own ( I think Victoria may have secretly been relieved). We all drove up there and the guys started getting there poles together while us girls laid our blanket down, got out all of our books and magazines and decided which angle of the sun would be best for our tan.

It was sunny and warm and there was a nice breeze. We had all found babysitters so it was nice and quiet. That was the strangest part. It was unusual for us all to be able to sit down without having to worry about where the kids were, what they were doing, and who was tormenting whom. It was great!

Daniel caught a small mouth bass that was pretty big! It weighed 3 lbs. and was 17 inches long. His was the first and biggest catch of the day! The other guys caught a fish or two, not all of them were big enough to keep but I don't think that was really the point. I'm sure they all just enjoyed being out there.

We had a nice time and talked about bringing the camper and tents one weekend for an easy camping trip. It would be a fun and easy place to go. Heck, we might even take the kids!

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