Monday, July 7, 2008

10 Year High School Reunion

While we were in Idaho Falls we also went to my high school reunion. 10 years! Wow! Even though high school seems like a long time ago it doesn't feel like 10 years! Oh well. I may as well try to grow old gracefully and always call those weird things by my eyes "laugh lines" and not "crow's feet"! Right?
The reunion started on Saturday morning with a tour of the high school. It has been added on to since I graduated so it was interesting to see the changes. The most unusual part was walking out gym doors that used to lead outside and now instead you are in another hallway. For lunch we had a picnic at the city park. All of the kids played and the adults tried to catch up. We were a small class (just over 200) and only about 50 former students came, the rest of the group was comprised of spouses and kids. With that few classmates you were bound to have had classes with just about everyone of them at some point in time, or been in a club or on a team with them. It was a little hard to do more than just "Hi, how are you? Where do you live now?", etc.
That evening we all sat down at dinner. It was nice to be able to sit and chat. We also watched a slide show of new and old pictures and heard class statistics of "Where are we now?". It was fun and definitely interesting. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it could have been. It was pretty easy to be comfortable with most everyone, even though it had been so long.
We have already nominated someone to plan the 20 year reunion in 2018! I guess we'll see if I make it to that one!

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