Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poker Night!!

Every once in a while, Dano and I get together with my family and have a poker night! It isn't quite hard core, but close. We give each other a hard time and tease a bit. But all in good fun, I assure you!

I am not a good poker player! Well, I guess you could say it depends on the night. I have no strategy, therefore it is difficult to predict what I will do. Unfortunately, this only gets me so far and I rarely win better than third place. Dano is a bit better than me, so I try to depend on him to win our money back. But I do have to give him a hard time when he takes me out. Curiously, this happens quite often....hmmm.

Regardless of who wins, we always have fun. We all bring food and the kids get to play outside. We spend a few hours together, teasing and laughing. And really, what could be better than that?

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