Saturday, May 10, 2008

School much glad it's over!

I have been very involved with the school PTO this year. I was elected Secretary and have enjoyed going to the meetings and taking all the notes. Therefore, I blindly and enthusiastically signed up to head the Games and Prizes committee for the school Carnival this year. Do I need additional volunteers on the committee? Heck no, I have Daniel, the ever reliable husband, and several trusty family members who also have students at the school! Help, schmelp!!!

First item on the agenda: the Plinko game. Daniel accurately dubbed this the "Tetanus shot waiting to happen", this game had over a hundred three inch nails pounded into a three quarter inch piece of plywood. The rusty ends were poking out of the other side and the heads were all bent in various directions.

With the help of our Dads (both of whom would rival Andrew dan Jumbo on Trading Spaces), we proceeded to pound wooden dowels in place of the rusty nails. We then added colorful painting and graphics. CJ and Caleb had fun helping us pound and paint. It was quite the family project.

Meanwhile, my sister in law, Tina, had no idea that I had observed her talents at decorating the office calendars. This would result in her being recruited to redecorate the school's Go Fish pond. This pond previously consisted of canvas stretched on PVC pipe and taped-on paper fish and seaweed (which constantly fell off last year). Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the finished product, but I can attest to the oohs and aahs it recieved when we carried it in! Tina did a great job!!

The Carnival was crazy and fun! After everything was set up I ran around making sure everyone showed up for their shifts at the booths and filling in for those who didn't. Daniel single-handedly manned the football toss for the first hour. I should also add that I learned how to spin cotton candy and I am pretty good at it to boot. I ran my butt off and my feet were killing me by the end of the night but it was a blast. I plan to head the Games and Prizes committee again next year. We have a few more games that need "Mercado-izing" according to Daniel. If you have a desire for something crazy and a few extra hours next spring, let me know, I'll put you to work!!

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