Saturday, May 10, 2008

CJ and Caleb's Birthday Party!

We celebrated CJ and Caleb's birthdays last weekend with a bowling party. We all had a ton of fun bowling and thankfully Grandma and Grandpa Mercado were there to entertain Gabriel! He would have loved to throw the ball but he is still a little young. They did a great job keeping him occupied and I can't thank them enough! After bowling we moved over to Grandma and Papa Dickson's house for presents and cake. The cake was awesome--from Costco of course! The presents were a'plenty!! I always comment about how many presents the boys get every year and Mom (Patti) had a good reply this time...every year!! It is every year!! CJ and Caleb get tons of presents!! We completely filled up the back of our car! Recession?? What recession! The economy must be booming due to all of the gifts our kids received this year!

Anyway, it was a great party and we really appreciate everyone who comes every year to have fun with us!!!

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