Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pretty Paisley Sheets and a Great New Book

We had such a great Christmas this year. First of all we got to spend a week in California with the Dickson Family and then we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Mercado Family. As always Mom and Dad Mercado completely spoiled all of us!
As we opened presents on Christmas morning we declared that the Mercado Family had single-handedly boosted the U.S. economy with the amount of presents we had all bought and received! But honestly, this year was no different than any other in that household. We have so much fun trying to find great gifts for everyone. Especially Mom. I swear, that woman can out-shop every other female in America! She is so good at finding out what we all want and can use. She also has a great eye for the things that we love but never knew we wanted. It is almost more fun watching her watch us open presents than actually opening the presents...almost.
Mom and Dad gave us practical things, like underwear (cute ones from Forever 21) and lotion, pajamas and coffee or tea. But they also gave us things that we enjoy but do not need. Like Wii Fit (I guess we probably do need that) and Star Wars and Clue games.
But my favorite presents by far are the ones that family gives to us that are meant to bring us comfort and happiness: like soft, flannel sheets and books that we will love to read and talk about. It's these kind of presents that mean a lot. They are the ones that keep us cozy and warm, that help us relax after a long day. Things we can talk and laugh about when we get together again. Mom and Dad always give us gifts like these and we know they come from the heart, not just from the wallet. Little do they know, the best present they give us at Christmas is the time we get to spend with them! We love the time when we all get to relax and laugh together. Thank You, We Love You Guys!

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mom said...

Chrissy, We so enjoyed all of you at Christmas. It was a blast. I know you will love the book. I wore my new sweater and scarf to my Doctors app. this morning. I think I looked pretty good. Thank you guys for staying with us. You know exactly how much I love to shop for my family!! Take care and hope to see you again soon. Love...Mom