Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disneyland Day 5: Second Day at Disneyland

Our second day at Disneyland was much more organized than the first. We had a plan. We would arrive as soon as the gates open and head straight for the Matterhorn. We missed the Matterhorn the first day we spent at the park because by the time we made it there it had closed for repairs or cleanup or some other reason. Caleb was very disappointed. So we made sure on day two that was the first ride we all went on. Next we hit Autopia, a ride where the little ones could drive (even Gabe), but of course it is California and towards the end there was a traffic jam, so we sat for 5 or 10 minutes.

We also made it on Space Mountain that day. I think we rode three times and loved it each time we went. We also rode It's A Small World. Caleb really like that one and I was so impressed that they had it set up so well for the Christmas Season. I had expected them to add a couple of things for the holiday but no, they had redone almost all of the scenes to represent the the Christmas holiday. It was great.

We also went to Toontown where all of the kids got to meet Mickey Mouse. Gabe also got to ride on a little roller coaster that he loved. I will never forget seeing him and Daniel get off and walk towards me; as soon as Gabe saw me he was talking a mile a minute and kicking up his hands and feet. He cracked me up! Even the guy standing next to me laughed at Gabriel's explanation.

We spent almost 10 hours at the park and that was plenty! We all went back to the rental house happy and exhausted!

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