Monday, August 25, 2008

My Husband, the Writer

Big changes coming for the Mercado Family!
Last May, Daniel graduated from BSU with a degree in Creative Writing. Since then he has been working, but not writing. This has been difficult in many ways. First of all, Daniel is a good writer and he loves it. But he had to go from writing all the time to having no time to do it at all. Second, even though Daniel's job was a good job, it wasn't one that he liked. And when you don't like your job and you have to be there almost more often than you are with your family that makes life pretty rough. I can't imagine going to my job everyday and not liking it, but I can tell you it sucks when your husband has to do it.
So by the middle of September, Daniel will be home full time. He will have to somehow manage his schedule to allow him to take care of a toddler and put several hours a day into writing. I'm glad he is very determined and disciplined because I think I would spend all day in my jammies playing with the baby! But I have so much confidence in him. Even though he is a fiction writer he will have to start by writing non-fiction essays and magazine-type articles. He may be able to submit some short stories, but when you're starting out it is much harder to get fiction published. Hopefully after he gets a good portfolio put together he can put more time into the writing he loves.
We're both a little nervous, this is a really big step. But I know Daniel is a great writer (that's the reader in me talking, not the wife) and he will work really hard! If anyone can do this he can. And to prove it I am certainly willing to eat Top Ramen every night for the next several weeks....or months....
So cross your fingers for us, say a little prayer, and maybe buy us a bag of groceries. Just kidding! I'll keep updating to let everyone know how he's doing and of course to let you know when his first book signing is!!


mom said...

Chrissy, I am excited for Daniel too. I know everything will work out. How is Gabe feeling? I had a busy day my first day back. I'm pooped. Talk to you later. Love.....Mom

emily said...

Good Luck Chrissy and Daniel. I'm so impressed you are following your dreams with much sacrifice!!!!!

Dennis and Tammy said...

Hey guys whats up, well it looks like two stay at home dads only I have no one to stay home for. Yes we finally have our own internet so we will be chatting.