Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is It Always This Crazy?

We have had the busiest summer! Don't get me wrong...I would rather be busy than spend my time twiddling my thumbs--but Holy Cow!
We have been so busy. We have spent every other weekend out of town since the 4th of July. It is almost Labor Day and we still have one more trip planned. It has been so much fun but I would have liked another day or two to just relax.
We spent July 4th in IF with Grandma Turnage. Showing the kids what I used to do for the holiday and going to my 10 year High School Reuinion. Not too long after that we spent a weekend in Utah, going to Lagoon and visiting with family. Daniel and I also spent a weekend in Las Vegas and now we have spent a weekend camping and have another one planned.
Now CJ and Caleb start school on Monday and the summer is almost over! It was nice while it lasted! Even with the busy schedule we have gotten a lot accomplished. We have spent time with family, Daniel and I have spend time alone together, and we have made it on the first of two camping trips! More that we got done last summer! But I don't know if my goal for next year should be to "out-busy" this year! A little calm would be nice. But I do have a feeling that it is just the beginning.

As the boys get older they will do more, they will become more independent and I will try to do more for myself. But for now I will try to appreciate the fact that CJ and Caleb still want to kiss me good-bye. They don't want me to drop them off a block away from the school. And they still tell me they love me whenever they want to...not when it is "safe". I know that will all end soon, so I will try to appreciate what I have now. Because I know some day the boys will avoid me. They will roll their eyes. They will blush and be embarassed by something I said. But until then, I will take the busy schedule and the feeling that I have no time to relax...and I will try to hold on to that. Because I'm sure that some day I will be bored! Yeah, right!

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