Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Later this month I will turn 28. I know that is not old, and not that I am feeling old, but I am realizing that I am not the spring chicken I used to be. I remember when I was the youngest person in my office. When I first started (5 years ago), the other girls would ask me how old I was and after I told them they would go on about how young I was. Needless to say, that doesn't happen anymore. We have a few girls that have celebrated their 21st birthday and we get to hear stories about their late night shenanigans. I honestly don't think I could keep up with them.
But I did brave the downtown scene this past Saturday night. It was a couple days after my sister's birthday (I won't tell you how old SHE is), and it was the first time I would be able to see my very best friend Jody.
Jo and I have been friends since we were 15 years old. We graduated high school together, went to our first semester of college together, and lived in our first apartment and house together in Boise. In May she moved to Hawaii. She had just graduated from BSU and was looking forward to spending time with her sister and the sunshine. She moved back last month after finding out that her sister and brother-in-law would be stationed elsewhere after he got back from his deployment in March.
To get to the point, I was so excited to spend a girl's night downtown with my sis for her birthday and to see my friend who I had been missing for the last few months.
The last time I had been downtown was almost a year ago for Daniel's sister's bachelorette party and before that it was a few months earlier for my brother's future wife's bachelorette party. As you can tell, I was a little rusty.
But I did have fun! It was great to see Jody and we did get to dance. The club played a few(older) songs that I knew.
My favorite part was seeing a man (about 45 years old) who was wearing a "Still Pissed At Yoko" t-shirt. It didn't feel so old after that!!
We had a lot of fun. I still think I prefer a nice dinner with a nice bottle of wine where we girls can chat, but I can let my hair down every now and then and go dancing with the younguns!

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