Thursday, February 28, 2008

50 Mile-stone!

After my run yesterday I plugged my ipod/Nike plus into my computer and found out that I had reached the 50 mile mark! I was amazed! Daniel bought me the Nike plus for Christmas and I used it for the first time on December 27th. So in the last two months I have run 50 miles!! WOW! I am still loving running and my long runs are increasing so hopefully I will hit the 100 mile mark before too long. I am planning to run in the YMCA St. Patrick's Day run on March 15th. I haven't decided on the 5K or the 5 miles but hopefully my beautiful friend Emily will run with me and help me decide. I plan to run a few other races this year and will post my distances and times. Hopefully with a few people following me I will feel some good pressure to improve!


mom said...

Chrissy, WOW! Thats amazing. Fifty miles. I am so proud of you. Maybe you can get Daniel to start running with you. Ha! Ha! Ha! Keep up the good work. Love Ya....Mom

emily said...

CONGRATS CHRISSY!! so proud so proud! I need some new tunes to run to..let me know what your favorites are. em

emily said...

chrissy!! i'm dying to know how your race went.