Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Shopping

This weekend Gabriel, Daniel, and I spent Sunday with Patti, Victoria, and Jon. We met at Jon and Victoria's where Gabe opened his Valentine's Day gift from Grandma and Grandpa, a super cute Elmo who likes to blow kisses. Gabe got a kick out of this, probably because blowing kisses is one of his favorite things too!
From there we drove to Nampa to go to the new Steve & Barry's store in the Karcher Mall. This was a new experience for Daniel as he is unaccustomed to both malls and Nampa! At one point we heard police sirens and Daniel was ready to lay on the ground and cover his head to shield himself from the drive-by that seemed inevitable. Just kidding!! Even though malls are not one of his favorite places, especially those in Nampa, Daniel was a good sport and oohed and aahed with us over the wonderful bargains we found.
We also went to Target and Costco because we had never seen a Nampa Target or Costco. Target looked like Target but Costco was very different because there were a lot less people there and we didn't have to wait in a mile-long check out line or stand up while we ate our frozen yogurt.
We had lunch at Red Robin and Gabriel ate his first corn dog. He was hesitant at first but once he got the hang of it he went to town! It was very entertaining to watch and I have a feeling we will become frequent customers at Pronto Pup!
It's always fun to spend the day with the family and always even more fun to spend it shopping!

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