Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gabriel's 2nd Birthday!

As most of you know, Gabe is a Halloween baby. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was put on bedrest and we were forced to induce labor before Gabriel's due date. The original date for induction was Oct 30th. But when we got to the hospital and the obstetrician check mine and the baby's vitals he thought it was fine to wait another day. So, Halloween morning we traveled back to the hospital where finally the doctor decided to induce labor. But he kept asking us if we were okay with having the baby on Halloween. He asked several times. We kept saying yes, if that was what was best for myself and the baby that was fine. We are not superstitious people, honestly the doctor seemed more worried than we were. Alas, everything went fine and Gabriel was born just after noon on Halloween Day 2006.
This definitely makes for an interesting holiday. It is extra special because not only do we get to have a big celebration to include both of the holidays but Gabe gets to get dressed up in a cute costume on his birthday. This year Grandma Mercado got him an adorable Pluto costume from the Disney Store. It was so cute and warm enough that even if the weather had been cold he didn't need to wear a coat. During the day we worked on getting Gabe to say "trick or treat", which came out sounding like "treat or treat"! He tends to have a sweet tooth like his mom and dad.
We went trick or treating at Grandma Dickson's office and then drove to Mountain Home where we went trick or treating in Grandma and Grandpa Mercado's neighborhood. The night ended with Gabe eating too much candy and being grumpy when it was time for bed. But we had a great day with all three of the boys wearing costumes and getting lots of candy!
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