Monday, November 10, 2008

A Friendly(?) Game of Twister


It's a Monday night at the Mercado household and we're all a little bored. Luckily, when Daniel was looking in the closet trying to help me find something he stumbled across our Twister game. Immediately he "challenged" Caleb to a game of Twister after dinner. "Challenges" are big at our house. There is always the raised eyebrow, the head cocked to the side, and the mocking "A challenge, you say?" So it was settled. There would be a family game of Twister after dinner. By the way, this always reminds me of the dinner/food fight scene in the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons, complete with kung fu moves and poor language dubbing. If you've seen the movie you know what I mean.
We took turns playing and taking pictures.
CJ and Caleb were so much fun to play with. They tried hard enough but they had so much fun falling down that they each only lasted a couple of minutes before they would fall over and try to take the other person with them.
When it was Caleb's turn to take pictures we realized that he is becoming quite the photgrapher. He wasn't satisfied with the candid shots. He kept asking Daniel and I to pose, hence the kissing picture! It was pretty cute!
Gabe didn't really know what was going on so he would just stomp across the mat and then fall down!
Daniel, I found out, is a cutthroat Twister player. When it was our turn to play against each other he kept intentionally putting his hand or stepping on the circle he thought I would be going for. He was trying to get in my way or make me fall over! Needless to say, we both ended up collapsed on the floor laughing.
We had a lot of fun and here are the pics to show it....
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mom said...

Chrissy, Such cute pics. Sounds like a blast. We had a nice breakfast out with Daniel and Gabe today. Have a good time on your trip! Love.....Mom