Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mommy Rocks!

Gabriel is almost two years old, his birthday is at the end of this month so of course he is doing all the things a two year old does. He throws some pretty intense fits, screaming and kicking on the floor. But he can also be sweeter than an angel, batting his eyelashes.
Over the last few weeks he has really started talking a lot more. It used to be that when you asked him, 'Can you say ______?' He would just say yes and leave it at that. It was like he was mocking us, 'Yes, I can say it. But I'm not going to.' The little stinker. Now he has realized that we get all excited when he actually does say the words so he will repeat pretty much whatever you ask him to.
Today I must have been feeling pretty cool, so I asked Gabe to repeat after me: 'Mommy Rocks!' He said Mommy, but he didn't quite say 'rocks', instead he ran into CJ's room and picked up the bag of (literal) rocks that CJ keeps as a collection. It took me a few seconds to get it, but pretty soon Daniel and I were cracking up! It was so funny. I was pretty impressed at how quickly he put the two together.
I guess tomorrow I'll have to work on 'Mommy is awesome!'

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emily said...

I CANNOT believe Gabe is 2! It seems like just yesterday you pregnant. I think it's time for 1 more. What do you say! Hey, I'm runnin the prison break 10K on Sat. Are you? Love the family pic on the side!! We so need to do lunch but a LONG lunch to get caught up. I miss talking to you at work and having you be my counselor. I was a stress case!