Monday, September 8, 2008

Check Out My New Ink...

So I had to put that title because it doesn't sound like anything I would ever say!! But it is true--I did get my very first tattoo. My opinion on tattoos has always been 'to each their own'. While I have been suprised by what some people will permanently etch on their bodies I have always respected the fact that it is THEIR body.
It wasn't very long ago that I decided I wanted a tattoo. I started running a little more than a year ago and I decided if I ever finished a big race (half or full marathon) I would commemorate it with a tattoo. Back in April, I signed up with a running group and registered for my first half marathon. The training program in itself was a trial. They increased my mileage very quickly and I battled a few injuries. Even through those I didn't give up thinking that I would be able to finish the race. It wasn't until the last long training run that I really considered not running in the half. The last training run was 12 miles and I underestimated the difficulty and didn't hydrate or rest properly. The run made me literally sick. I seriously spent the rest of the day in bed. Even the day after I didn't feel well. I honestly wondered if I was willing to put myself through all of that again. Was it worth being able to tell myself that I had finished a half marathon if I was miserable for two days afterward? 'No pain, no gain', right? It was a tough question for me to answer. But I wasn't willing to trash all of the hours I had put into my training, and I wasn't willing to quit.
Running is a very passionate thing for me. Even when I have a bad run, I love every minute of it. I love the way I feel when I finish, even if I'm hurting. It's a weird love/hate relationship. So, I decided I would do it. I was prepared to feel crappy, I was even prepared to walk part of it. But I wasn't prepared to not finish. I ran it, and I finished. So I decided I needed a very permanent reminder of it.
I did a lot of research. I wanted to make sure that the tattoo I got was something I would want on my body forever. I also knew that I wanted it on my foot. So many people told me that tattoos are much more painful on your foot and they tend to need touching up over the years. But I was okay with that--that was where I wanted it.
I decided on a Latin phrase, 'Alis Volat Propis', it means 'She flies with her own wings'. It's on the side of my right foot (the foot I take my first step with on any run) and I love it! I had it done by Hollywood at Tattoo Revolution in Nampa and he did such a great job.

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