Monday, April 14, 2008

Caleb's First Field Trip

Today Caleb and I went on his very first field trip. First, we went to Meridian Lanes where Caleb bowled a hefty 63 (better than some of my scores). We then went to Lowe's and took a tour around the store amd watched a demonstration of forklift operation. Then we sat down to make an ant farm. At first I was a little nervous. The thought of 40 Kindergarteners armed with hammers and nails frightened me a bit...but we made it through with all of ours thumbs intact. And I do have to admit that they all looked pretty cute with their aprons and safety googles on. We finished up with lunch and playtime at the park. All in all it was a very good day. We had a lot of fun and got several good pictures.

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mom said...

Chrissy, looks like you guys had a blast! Good pictures. It sounds like the weather will be nice for Fridays game. Hope wemake it. Love Ya.....Mom